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The Golden Source book Bonus

Access Clearing Loop

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Transform With Rhonda 


Rhonda Gill  ATP, Bf

Hi There!!!


Thank You so much for coming by!!!


I am so HAPPY for you to choose for something new just for you.My contribution to the Golden Sourcebook is a little taste of Access Consciousness.


This is a quick deep dive into different areas of life delivered in a way you may not expect.


You can listen to access clearings anytime before you go to sleep, while you are multitasking, or even on in the background on a low volume when possible.  The more you listen the deeper the change. I HIGHLY suggest you have your bars run for maximum change .I also invite you to say ALL of life comes to me with ease Joy and Glory 10 x in the morning and 10 x in the evening...or whenever you like :D. Please feel free to connect with me if you would like to have a session and if you are interested in having your own custom clearing.How does it get any better then this?

Access Clearing Loop

1.  Self Acceptance

2.  Where You Begin and Others End

3.  Awakening Wonder

4.  Extraordinary You

5.  Recognizing Your Value

Note * The Access clearing statement "Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, All 9, Shorts, Boys, and Beyonds.", may sound like a bunch of strange words in the beginning.  I thought so too, yet I was intrigued by the difference I noticed with just a few words. Think of it as a magic wand that frees your mind and makes it easier to break free of old patterns.  

Here is a sneak peek of some of what is happening behind the scenes.



"Right, wrong, good, bad.", unlocks you from the polarity of fixed points of view.


"Pod/Poc", stands for point of destruction/creation,


"All 9", stands for 9 layers of gloppetyglop... shorts...boys and beyonds.


I invite you to play with it, test it out for yourself.  That is where the magic happens. Things will suddenly get easier with no other logical explanation.  Ask “What else is possible?!”   


Thank You so much!!!

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