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About Rhonda


Welcome, and THANK YOU for BEing here NOW!


I have always been considered a free spirit relentless in the pursuit of making things better and more FUN!!!  I have a natural presence of peace, which usually bubbles over into an effervescent JOY and spirit!  What really makes my eyes sparkle is to share those SO_REAL  present moments that somehow break through a barrier and reveal unlimited possibilities!!!I Love to tune into the many ways that we can connect to the Angelic realms and all of our Divine Helpers to create miracles here on Earth. 

From a very young age, I have been dialed into the higher realms though not always able to communicate this to anyone else.  I spent most of my early years trying to escape my physical body, always wanting to return home to the stars.  A timely journey and a crystal healing in Kauai changed everything!!!  After feeling my own feet and heartbeat seemingly for the first time, I became *TRANSFORMED*.

 I followed my heart to Hawaii and through my intense Love for crystals, and the quest for more connection discovered the Crystal Academy founded by Katrina Raphaell.  With great Zest, I completed all of the levels of crystal healing and now teach.his is an ever-expanding ongoing LOVE affair with crystals and HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner Program opened new doors to new perceptions am so INSPIRED by CONSCIOUSNESS and how by learning to TRUST your Intuition and Guidance can create miracles in your life that you can not even yet Imagine.

This is what I LOVE  to do by LIVING.  JOY ~ 

What a blessing to be here NOW. 

What miracles and magic can we create together? 

Thank YOU!      -  Rhonda Gill




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