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"Rhonda Gill is a gifted healer. I have had the pleasure of being one of her clients since 2011 and cannot overstate her ability. She has the unique capacity to listen to both what we say and what our bodies communicate, and she offers an integrated technique that improves both physical health and overall wellness. Drawing on traditional massage techniques and augmenting them with energy healing, she really offers restoration therapy. Having travelled extensively with work, I have experienced treatments in many countries and from many traditions, but Rhonda remains unequaled."


Dr.Ellyn Lyle, NB



"I wanted to give a testimonial for Rhonda Gill and the amazing work she does, especially with access bars.  I've had a few treatments and always feel so peaceful when I leave. It’s like an instant control-alt-delete for negative thoughts! I remember the first time after my appt I got in the car and a song that usually brought up sad memories came on, it was like I was listening to a completely different song!! The lyrics had new meaning and it actually made me smile.

I don't know the exact science behind the access bars but I know having mine run pretty much eliminates any anxiety I have and always leaves me feeling peaceful and finally able to have a restful night's sleep. Thank you so much for introducing me to this new way of healing Rhonda."


Adrien Bernard, PE



"I have had The privilege of having my energy bars done with Rhonda Gill several times now and I have to say it was a very positive and enhancing experience.  I didn’t really know what to expect but I trusted in her abilities insight and intuition. After this session, I felt lighter, more confident and hopeful! I would highly recommend this session to anyone that is open to embracing their journey of health and wellness!  Thank you Rhonda!"  


Carman Hudson, Mexico



"Rhonda made my first “bars session” experience an extremely positive one. It left me with a sense of peace and contentment. Things that were upsetting to me before the session didn’t feel so bad anymore. It also slowed the mind chatter and I found a huge shift in my anxiety level for the better.  I look forward to having more bar sessions with Rhonda. She is truly a gifted and warm individual.❣️"


Linda Ramsay, PE


"A sense of peace calm waves over me after sessions with Rhonda.  She sends me into a meditative trance as I can feel the energy flow through the different points she touches on my head. Then I float through the rest of the day.  I find it really helps to clear or declutter my mind so I can be more present and aware."


Virginia Doyle, PE


"I have been seeing Rhonda for many years. I always leave her sessions feeling relaxed, stress-free, happy and glowing. She brightens my day with her upbeat personality, kindness, and positivity."


 Vivian Holm, PE


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